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The SINP Entrepreneur Program offers you and your family the opportunity to establish, acquire or partner in a business in Saskatchewan and be actively involved in its management.



Approval criteria:


  • There are three eligibility criteria in the SINP Entrepreneur Category that you must meet to be selected and approved:

  • A minimum net worth of $500,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD) that can be verified.

  • Accumulation of net worth through legal means, which can be verified.

  • Minimum three years entrepreneurial or relevant business management experience.






  • If you are approved by the SINP - Entrepreneur Category, in order to earn a nomination for permanent residency you will be required to:


  • Invest a minimum of $300,000 (CAD) in Regina and Saskatoon or a minimum of $200,000 (CAD) in all other Saskatchewan communities;

  • Establish a business that aligns with the points assigned in the Entrepreneur Category Points Grid, if applicable (for investment amount and sector);

  • Own at least one third (33 1/3%) of the equity of a business in Saskatchewan unless your total investment is $1 million CAD or higher;

  • Provide active and on-going participation in the day to day management and direction of the business; and

  • If you are establishing a new business in Regina or Saskatoon, create two employment opportunities for Canadians or permanent residents in Saskatchewan (non-relative workers).

If you are nominated by the SINP, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is responsible for assessing your eligibility for Permanent Residency, including an assessment of health, criminality and security and grant you residence visa.

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