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Mr. Adil Ismail

Director & Founder | Senior Consultant & an Authorized Agent of RCIC, Govt. of Canada

Mr. Adil Ismail is a highly experienced professional in the field of immigration support services with over 20 years of expertise. He specializes in Worldwide Skilled and Business Immigration and is widely recognized as one of the best immigration consultants in the field.

In 2004, Mr. Ismail established Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. in Pakistan and has since then been the driving force behind its success. He continues to inspire and lead the Superior Consulting team towards achieving their goals. Additionally, Mr. Ismail is an authorized agent of the Government of Canada's approved ICCRC member, which further attests to his competence and knowledge in the field.

Mr. Ismail comes from a family of immigration support service practitioners. His father, Mr. Mohammad Ismail (Late), was the proprietor of Westland Multi Services, one of the largest firms in Central Karachi for Canadian Immigration. One of his family members is a Canadian Licensed Consultant, and his younger brother was also serving as an immigration adviser before he passed away in 2015. Furthermore, his real uncle, Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Memon, held the position of Secretary, Excise & Taxation Department, and previously served in the Home Department and Health Department of Sindh.

To learn more about Mr. Adil Ismail, you can visit his website at

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Mr. Mir Zahid Khan

Admin Manager

Mr. Zahid is an extremely hard worker and sincere employee of the company. He has been serving this company since 2005. He assists our Senior Consultant / Director in his personal and official tasks. He also manages the whole office efficiently.


He assists our clients in attestations and translations of documents through Notary. 


He is quite humble and professional in approach. He is people-friendly and knows how to serve.

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Mr. Abu Bakar Adil
(Abu Bakar Siddique)

Director Operations Karachi Office & Immigration Consultant

Mr. Abu Bakar Siddique, son of Mr. Adil Ismail, is acting as a Director Operations Karachi Office and social media marketing head. He is well qualified and trained under the direct supervision of Mr. Ismail. More than 4 years of working experience in the immigration support services industry. Skilled in research, management, counseling, leadership & digital marketing.

Know more about Mr. AbuBakar on

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Ms. Hafsa Adil

Director Processing 

Ms. Hafsa Adil is a highly accomplished professional currently serving as the Director of Canadian Immigration Processing at Superior Consulting's Karachi office. With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail, she has been pivotal in overseeing the Canadian processing department, ensuring smooth and efficient handling of all immigration applications.

in addition to the management team, we have following team members!

  • General manager
  • case manager & officers
  • client relation officers
  • Legal attorney
  • office boys
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